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Add “Learning Robotics” to Your New Year Resolution!

Start 2022 with Evodyne’s Advanced Robotics Program

Since we have a high demand for Advanced Robotic Program, we decided to open a new Elite Track session in January. The program is designed for students from 12 and above and will run continuously until May 2022 with many educational robots being built along the way.

During the program, students will have the chance to approach and work with multiple robotics components including Arduino, Raspberry Pi, computer vision; gain experience in coding, mechanical engineering, 3D printing, and design. More than that, students who completed the whole program will be given a certificate of achievement to celebrate their effort!

Learn more about our program and save your spot today at:

Reserve your spot at Evodyne’s Summer Advanced Robotics Program 2022

We already opened registration for the Summer Advanced Robotics Program starts in June 2022! Evodyne provides three options for different age groups and experience:

  1. Elite Track: designed for students from 12 and above to gain knowledge and experience building real advanced robots.

  2. Genesis Track: Designed for students who already have some experience with robotics and coding. By the end, they will have solved several hard problems with robot design, coding, and AI while bringing their new quadruped robot to life completely from scratch.

  3. Advanced Robotics Lab - Internship Readiness Program: Become an expert in AI, Deep Learning, 3D Computer vision, and High Power Mechatronics while working with futuristic robots that have cutting edge AI, use voice commands and help with everyday activities

Learn more about our program and save your spot today at:


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