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We Believe The Future Has Robots Written All Over It

And each one of us needs to be prepared for what's coming

Projects & Courses

Designed and manufactured In Mountain View, California, each robot and associated course will take you through a journey of increasing discovery and joy, of finally knowing in your bones how this stuff actually works


Ages 16 - 99

Have you always wanted to learn how robots work, but didn't get the right guidance on what to do in the very beginning? This is the perfect project to start your robotics journey.


Become an expert at modern robotics and get hands-on experience by building your own AI enabled robotic arm using Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and an advanced camera-enabled mobile robot. Gain experience in programming, electronics, 3D Printing, computer vision and much more. 

Ages 13 - 99

Untitled (3 × 6 in).jpg

Ages 16 - 99

Designed for those who want to seriously pursue robotics. This project will take their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the next level. By the end, they will have solved several hard problems with robot design, coding, and AI while bringing their new quadruped robot to life completely from scratch.

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