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About Evodyne Academy 

Evodyne Robotics Academy is associated with Evodyne Robotics, a startup building personal and educational robots in Silicon Valley. Our goal is to improve the awareness of robotics as a future career path for parents and students.


We give students an immersive experience in making intelligent robots, including programming, 3D design, 3D printing, electronics, computer vision, deep learning and so on. Older students complete their experience by doing internships at Evodyne where they help design the next generation of robots.

Never Stop Learning

Whether you're a student, someone already in STEM, or someone who doesn't consider themself a "techie," we believe that everyone should have access to educational robotics.


If you have an interest in robotics we have a project for you! 


Our Mission


Students taught


Robots delivered


Patents filed


Online curriculum hrs

And Counting!

What Makes Us Different

  • Our curriculum and robots are designed and manufactured in Mountain View, California

  • Students learn advanced robotics concepts by building and programming real AI-enabled robots from scratch

  • Get live US based support

  • ​Learn in-person or remotely via zoom 

What We Offer


What equipment is needed?

A Mac, Windows, or Linux laptop with administrative rights to install Arduino, Python and other programming tools. If you have a newer Mac or Windows laptop with only USB-C ports, you will need a USB-C to USB adapter to be able to connect the Arduino to your computer. Chromebooks will not work for our program.

Do I need  prior experience to start?

All experience levels are welcome with us! Whether you're someone with no experience, or someone who's had their fair share of time in robotics, we're confident you will learn something exciting with us.

What if I get stuck?

We’re here to help! Submit a ticket, or ask a question in the community forum to get help fast.

What happens after I've completed my course?

After successfully completing one of our courses, you will receive a downloadable certificate you can use on your resume for college applications or LinkedIn to show your skills and knowledge in robotics.

Do you have advanced projects I can work on?

Where are these kits from?

All our robots are manufactured in Mountain View, California, and designed in tandem with the curriculum for the best learning experience possible for hands-on robotics.

Which programming languages will I be learning?

C++, Python, Shell Scripting

What is the return policy?

We will do everything to make sure you have a flawless experience.

100% will be refunded if the kit has not been dispatched, or is returned without being opened.

All other sales are final.

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