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Evodyne Robotics Internship Program

Internship Positions now open for Summer 2024
and Fall 2024-2025

Ever since we started, internships have played an important role in achieving Evodyne's goal of maximum positive impact for students and their families.


Last year, 8 previous students of Evodyne's programs transitioned into internships. Those who became seniors this year were able to utilize all that brings for their college applications, including recommendation letters, strategizing on essays, and more.

Internships at Evodyne
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Anuj Kathail

Interning at Evodyne Robotics has been a really great experience for me. During my time here I have been able to grow both technically and professionally. I developed both a steering system for the evocar using computer vision as well as creating a way for the evodog to balance and move on angled surfaces. Overall, during my time here I have been able to meet many incredible people and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn so much.

Evodyne Robotics Intern.jpg

Andrew Goldberg

Branham High School, San Jose, CA

I absolutely loved my experience as a summer intern at Evodyne Robotics. I got to choose projects I wanted to work on in both CAD and software. I also got to be the head teacher for the 3D printing course.

Evodyne Robotics Intern_edited.jpg

Alvin Zhu

My experience as an intern at Evodyne robotics was everything I hoped for. I had the opportunity to choose CAD and programming projects that I both found interesting and fit my skill set. I was also a head instructor of the 3D printing course, which pushed me to understand Fusion 360 at a deeper level. I redesigned the Evo-Dog Quadruped Robot into the larger, more capable Evo-Dog Pro. I also took RoboClaw’s Python motor controller library and converted it into a more usable and intuitive API controller. I then created a spline path finding algorithm and integrated it with Pure-Pursuit to calculate differential drivetrain kinematics for position and orientation in 2D space. I was forced out of my comfort zone, utilizing new software, electronics, and languages to learn more advanced CAD and computer science. I am very grateful for the skills and professional experience Evodyne Robotics has given me, as well as the time I spent with Raghav and my fellow interns


Jack He

My time at Evodyne was a great learning experience. I was the primary instructor for the Genesis course. In this role, I was able to hone my teaching skills. I also had the opportunity to tackle some unique technical challenges, such as developing a self balancing algorithm for a quadruped robot.


Garrett Webster

I learned a tremendous amount during my summer internship at Evodyne. Without the experience much from getting to work on projects each day, I would not have such strong foundational knowledge. I was already familiarized with each aspect of STEM we work with, but I learned a new kind of problem solving in this environment which there was no clear or direct answer. Even learning how to maintain a professional tone with students and parents was a totally new expectation. I think what we teach students is incredibly valuable, regardless of which area of STEM they choose to pursue in the future.

Evodyne Robotics Interns_Peter.jpg

Peter Wang

Fremont High School, Sunnyvale, CA

I really enjoyed interning at Evodyne Robotics because I learned many valuable skills from working on projects to helping young students build robots. During my time here I’ve learned how to interact with colleagues in a professional environment. The most important experience for me while working here has been interacting with the students and helping them work through problems they may have experienced with their robots.


Jin Cho

I loved my summer at Evdoyne. I had the opportunity to work on both CAD and programming projects throughout my time, which helped me develop my skills further. I worked on combining the EvoArm and EvoCar libraries, optimizing the EvoSpinner for 3D printing, writing curriculum for the EvoArm course, and more. I also taught the afternoon 3D Modeling and Printing class! I learned so much from everyone here, and I enjoyed being immersed in an educational environment.


Aarav Upadhyay

Mountain View High School, Mountain View, CA

As an intern at evodyne robotics I’ve been able to build my collaboration skills with fellow colleagues in a professional and social setting. I was also able to help kids learn and understand more about the robotics field and help them learn how to problem solve, which will set them up for success in the future.

Some exciting moments from the internship program at Evodyne Robotics

Internship students work at Evodyne's Research Lab to help us with enhancing our existing robots, and designing and creating completely new robots, both for our educational programs and for research oriented advanced robotics. During summer break, they will also act as teaching assistants since they already know how the robots work, and what problems younger students face.


We are now again issuing a call for internships for the 2024 school year.

The student needs to be really good at any one of these skills:

- CAD modeling (Fusion 360)

- Advanced python programming ("I have attended a few python classes" is not sufficient)

- Soldering and electronics

- HTML+CSS+Javascript+PHP

- AI/Deep learning toolkits

Here are the requirements:


- Ideally currently in junior year

- Must have done the complete Genesis Track previously (still, must be at least 16 years old)

- Responsible and punctual

- Must be able to come on Saturday afternoons

- Be available for several weeks during summer.

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