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Advanced Robotics Program for Schools

Evodyne Robotics Academy offers an Advanced Robotics Program specially designed for high school and middle school classrooms. Our curriculum and robot kits are designed for both in-person and online learning. 

Our Customers

Evodyne Robotics Academy is associated with Evodyne Robotics, a company building educational robots in Mountain View, California.

We design and manufacture our robots in-house specifically for educational purposes. Our proprietary curriculum was created in tandem with the robots, and both are constantly refined and updated with student and teacher feedback.
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Our Robots

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Our Programs
What you will get
  • Hand-ons training with our robotics experts
  • High-quality educational robotic kits
  • Exclusive curriculum
  • Give students a deep knowledge about robotics and engineering field
  • Unlimited teacher support via email, phone, zoom, or in-person
  • Multiple levels to choose from

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News Articles About Us
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“The process of constructing a robot arm, it gives you a lot of mechanical engineering exposure,” Kuszmaul said. “I mean, there’s the very fundamental things of what different kinds of machines there are, from the levers to wheel and axle.”  read more

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 Students start by building the mechanical parts, and those who continue code mobile phone apps to control the robot, attach wheels and a webcam to drive it remotely and eventually enable autonomous navigation.  read more



Learning robotics must encompass several different disciplines. Our philosophy is to use actual hands-on elements instead of "virtualized" hardware representations. 

Our robots had been painstakingly designed and refined to include all the elements required to get a significant depth of introduction to the field of modern robotics, both via remote learning over zoom, and in-person. 
What Teachers Are Saying

"I’m really excited to teach my students with Evodyne’s curriculum and robots since it completely stands out from the program that we had before. I would like to teach the students how to build the robots with breadboards and using Arduino and let them learn real robotic components"

Agnes Kaiser
STEM, Robotics and Engineering teacher

Mountain View Middle School

“The discussion I’m having with Evodyne, as well as a strategy for the general community, is how can we and how should we scale this because my vision is to have robot arm kits for virtually all my students,”

"Day one is is the books and was awesome! Students built the motors and the gripper arm and are excited for day two!"

Todd Higley

 Antelope High School

Chris Kuszmaul

Palo Alto High School

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