Fall 2022 
Advanced Robotics Program

Build Real AI-Enabled Robots

In-Person | Via Zoom | Flex Labs


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This is an exclusive program with the kids of some of Silicon Valley's smartest parents enrolled. They know the secrets of how the world is changing, and that kids who delay learning modern robotics will ultimately get left behind.

In-Person or via Zoom, each student builds real robots completely from scratch while learning

Programming and Computer Science

Electronics and Electricity

Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering

3D Printing and 3D Design

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Choose A Program

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Age 14+        

Designed for students who already have some experience with robotics and coding, this track will take their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the next level. 




Age 12+

Become an expert at modern robotics and get hands-on experience by building your own AI-enabled Robotic Arm using Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and an advanced camera-enabled Mobile Robot.


Begins Sep 15

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Age 10+

Build functional robots completely from scratch while learning increasingly advanced topics in robotics

Begins Sep 18

Curriculum Overview


Learn advanced robotics concepts 
Bigger, more complex and powerful robots 
ROS - Robot operating system 
Python, C++ programming skills 
CAD design and modeling 

 Stand out in your
College Application



Start by building an advanced robotic arm from scratch 
Arduino, Raspberry Pi 
Absorb basics of
electricity, electronics 
How to use sensors and motors together to design intelligent robots 
Learn basics of
AI and computer vision 



Step up from Lego and learn real robotics 
Become an expert at
Work with real motors, sensors and wires 
Build robots and learn robot programming 

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Fall 2022 Program Schedule

Classes begin the week of September 12 and will continue for 8 months until
May 2023




What Parents Are Saying


 Flex Labs with Live Support

We designed our Flex Labs program based on parents' requests for students with a busy schedule. 

  • Do it when the time best works for you

  • Do it At Home, or In-Person with Live Instructor Support


Self Paced Learning


Class of 2021-22.jpg

What other benefits do you get?

Unfettered access to all equipment (including 3D printers) and tools including on weekends!

Guest lectures from inspiring Silicon Valley AI and Robotics rock stars

Over the course of the program, each student will receive more than a hundred components and electronics equipment, all free of charge and included in the program cost


Entry into Autonomous Racing Tournament 2022

Some moments from our past and ongoing classes

How is Zoom attendance different  from In-Person?

Our Robotics After School program is offered and conducted identically over ZOOM.  Custom designed Robot kits are delivered in advance of each new session.  

Q & A

Do we have to commit to the full 8 months?

No! While it is unlikely to happen, you can always pull out early. Any remaining pro-rated amount will be refunded after deducting the cost of the kit and days attended. In any case, payment is monthly, so you can always choose to discontinue at the end of a month.

Do we get to keep the kits and robots?

Yes! All robotic kits, components and supplies delivered as part of the sessions are yours to keep and continue learning with. 

What happens if we miss a class?

Every session is recorded in high quality (the same instruction that zoom students see live during the class) and is made available to every student immediately after the class. Using this video the student can do the class from home whenever the time works best.

Additionally, every Saturday from 1pm to 5pm, we have an open labs time where any student can come in-person and do their class using the recorded video, in the presence of the same instructor for full live support.

What if a student is stuck on a task and is falling behind?

We will not let this happen. One hour of every day will be reserved for 1 on 1 with students who are facing any problems understanding a step, or technical issues, or equipment malfunctions and so on. Any student can call in via zoom or be present during this time, or additionally before or after the class to have their issues looked at.

What if my kid is too smart for the rest of the class and gets bored?

"Bored" is a state not allowed in our classes. Whenever a student is visibly finishing tasks early they will immediately get additional challenging tasks to complete while the rest of the students are working on the previous task.

What equipment do we need?

A Mac, Windows, or Linux laptop with administrative rights to install Arduino, Python and other programming tools. If you have a newer Mac or Windows laptop with only USB-C ports, you will need a USB-C to female USB adapter to be able to connect the Arduino to your computer. School issued Chromebooks are not recommended.

Equipment for attending from home?

Besides a computer:

  • Internet Access to download required tools and utilities

  • Ability to use zoom

  • Thats it, everything else will be provided in the mailed kit, including a special webcam so the instructor can view your build in real-time!

Is there any discount for siblings?

Yes! Use code MULTIPLE2 when checking out.

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