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Advanced AI & Robotics Program

Self-Paced Learning 

Build real AI-Enabled robots designed by Silicon Valley roboticists using industrial components, delivered right to your door.

  • Instructor Assessment

  • Live Support

  • Keep Your Built Robot

  • Certification


Partnering With


How it Works

When you build with Evodyne, you receive:

  • A robotics kit designed and manufactured by our team in Mountain View

  • Full access to our online curriculum

  • The freedom to work on your robot at your own pace

  • An assigned instructor for assessments and certification

  • Unlimited support from Mountain View, California

  • Keep your built robots and hardware for continued learning

In person

These are some of the skills you will learn with us

  • Programming and computer science

  • AI and Computer Vision

  • Electronics and electricity

  • Mechatronics and mechanical engineering

  • 3D printing and 3D design


Program Benefits 

  • Graduate with a Robotics Specialist Predegree

  • Certification for everything learned and built

  • All robots included in program cost 

  • Potential Internship at Evodyne's Research Lab in Mountain View, California!

  • Students are welcome to work in-office any Saturday from 2:30 - 5pm with an instructor present. 


Choose A Program

This is an exclusive program with the students of some of Silicon Valley's smartest parents enrolled. They know the secrets of how the world is changing, and that students who are serious about a career in robotics should get started now.

Courses Overview

15+ | High School

Designed for the student who wants to seriously pursue robotics. This track will take their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the next level. By the end, they will have solved several hard problems with robot design, coding, and AI while bringing their new quadruped robot to life completely from scratch.

Genesis Track
  • Receive a Robotics Specialist Predegree at the end of this course

  • Learn advanced robotics concepts

  • Learn basics of AI and computer vision

  • Bigger, more complex and powerful robots 

  • Advanced Python, C++ programming skills 

  • CAD design and modeling 

  • ROS - Robot operating system 

Stand out in your
College Application
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12+ | Middle School

Become an expert at modern robotics and get hands-on experience by building your own AI enabled robotic arm using Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and an advanced camera-enabled mobile robot. Gain experience in programming, electronics, 3D Printing, computer vision and much more. 

Elite Track
  • Start by building an advanced robotic arm from scratch 

  • Learn basics of AI and computer vision

  • Learn Arduino, Raspberry Pi

  • Absorb basics of electricity, electronics

  • How to use sensors and motors together to design intelligent robots


Build real robots with Arduino, sensors, motors, jumper wires

10 - 99 | Everyone!

Step up from Lego and learn to design, build and program your own robots with real robotics components like Arduino, sensors, motors, wires

Step up from Lego and learn real robotics.


  • Become an expert at Arduino and work with real motors, sensors and wires.

  • Build a complete robot while learning robot programming


  • Introduction to 3D printing


  • Gain hands-on experience building robots using industry-standard hardware and equipment

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What Parents Are Saying

Can't Decide?

Simple Decision Making Algorithm

Is the student 15 and above?
Yes: Choose the Genesis Track

Is the student 14 and has significant experience in coding/robotics?
Yes: Choose the Genesis Track

Is the student 12 or above?
Yes: Choose the Elite Track

Looking for a project you can work on together with your student?
Yes: Choose Build Your First Robot

My 6 year old knows everything about robotics. He already does the 14+ Lego projects.  Should he attempt the Genesis Track?
Learning advanced robotics at Evodyne requires understanding math concepts like algebra, geometry, trigonometry. We recommend Lego Robotics for students 9 and younger.

Can't decide



Some of our happy customers

Q & A

What equipment is needed?

A Mac, Windows, or Linux laptop with administrative rights to install Arduino, Python and other programming tools. If you have a newer Mac or Windows laptop with only USB-C ports, you will need a USB-C to USB adapter to be able to connect the Arduino to your computer. Chromebooks will not work for our program.

Do I need  prior experience to start?

All experience levels are welcome with us! Whether you're someone with no experience, or someone who's had their fair share of time in robotics, we're confident you will learn something exciting with us.

What if I get stuck?

We’re here to help! Submit a ticket, or ask a question in the community forum to get help fast.

What happens after I've completed my course?

After successfully completing one of our courses, you will receive a downloadable certificate you can use on your resume for college applications or LinkedIn to show your skills and knowledge in robotics.

Do you have advanced projects I can work on?

Where are these kits from?

All our robots are manufactured in Mountain View, California, and designed in tandem with the curriculum for the best learning experience possible for hands-on robotics.

Which programming languages will I be learning?

C++, Python, Shell Scripting

What is the return policy?

We will do everything to make sure you have a flawless experience.

100% will be refunded if the kit has not been dispatched, or is returned without being opened.

All other sales are final.


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