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Evodyne Robotics Careers 

Are you passionate about robotics education? Evodyne Robotics is rapidly expanding and looking for skilled professionals to join our team. Please see our list of job opportunities below - we’d love to hear from you!

For High School Internships go here

For College Student Internships search for Evodyne's job posting in Handshake

Senior Robotics Educator

While we do advanced research on robotics and push boundaries, Evodyne's broad mission is to demystify robotics.

To be the person others will listen to, you will need  have a simultaneous grasp of electrical engineering, coding, mechanical engineering, visual design, CAD modeling, 3D printing among others.

And then you should have the time, motivation and patience to prepare and mentor the next generation of students 
who will later enter the workforce in a society already shaped by robotics and AI.

This will be an in-person position in downtown Mountain View, CA, with schedules generally following a regular school year. 

Classes are typically conducted in the afternoons during weekdays, and on Saturdays for the entire day.

Hours can be flexible, except for scheduled class teaching sessions.

To explore or begin a  conversation, email your resume to

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