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Summer Advanced
AI Robotics Program

High School

Build real AI-Enabled Robots designed by Silicon Valley roboticists for Silicon Valley students.

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Why join Evodyne's
Summer Advanced Robotics Program?

In-Person or via Zoom, each student builds their own advanced robots completely from scratch while learning Programming and Computer Science, AI and GPT, Electronics and Electricity, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering, 3D Printing and 3D Design

Program Benefits 

  • Class recordings available after every session

  • Certification for everything learned and built

  • All Robots included in program cost 

  • Take your robot home once built

  • Continue learning even after program ends 

Curriculum Overview


Build An Advanced Quadruped Robot Dog + AI Robotics Lab

14+ | High School

Designed for the student who wants to seriously pursue robotics. This track will take their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm to the next level. By the end, they will have solved several hard problems with robot design, coding, and AI while bringing their new quadruped robot to life completely from scratch.

Learn advanced robotics concepts 
Bigger, more complex and powerful robots 
Path to Internship

OpenCV - 3D Computer Vision, Fiduciary Markers

ROS - Robot operating system 

AI - Transformers (GPT), CNNs, Deep Learning

Mechatronics - Sensors, Motors, Resistors, Breadboards
Advanced Python, C++ programming skills 
CAD design and modeling 

Stand out in your
College Application

Save $550 by booking before May 22

Last 2 seats left

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Week 1

EvoDog - Build An Advanced Quadruped Robot Dog Part 1

+ Kinematics, Mechatronics, Motion Control 


Week 2

EvoDog - Build An AI Enabled Quadruped Robot Dog Part 2

+ Robot Operating System, Linux, Python


Week 3

Advanced Robotics and AI Lab

AI, 3D Computer Vision, Deep Learning


Week 4

3D Design & 3D Printing for Robotics

Autodesk Fusion 360, Slicing, Printing

  • Our program accommodates short schedule conflicts.

  • Class Recordings are available daily for catching up.

  • You can attend Part 1 in June, Part 2 in July and so on. Contact us to make changes.

Option 1 - June

June 12 - June 30

Save by registering for full 3 week track, or book individual weeks below

 Last seat left

Build Quadruped Robot Dog - Part 1

2:30PM - 5:30PM

Build Quadruped Robot Dog - Part 2

2:30PM - 5:30PM