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Why Should High School Students Learn Robotics Today?

According to BCG, the global robotics market is expected to climb from $25 billion this year to between $160 billion and $260 billion by 2030, with market share for professional services robots hitting up to $170 billion. Hence, the demand for robotics engineers would be higher than ever in the next few years. However, although schools provide a lot of lessons about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics, only a few of them offer hands-on experience building robots. This is problematic as many high school students do not know how to get involved with robotics and may not even know about future opportunities.

Learning to build real AI-enabled robots is the best way to allow students to achieve complex skill sets and explore a potential career. At Evodyne Robotics Academy, we have created robotics projects and curriculum specifically for high schoolers who are interested in pursuing a STEM career. With our Advanced Robotics Program, students will not only be able to build and program AI-enabled robots using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, but also have deep knowledge about the robotics field.

There are endless industries that have already applied robotics, and the number will rapidly rise in the near future. With a background in robotics, students can also pursue careers in different industries including software engineering, healthcare, or manufacturing. So, enroll in our program today, and brighten your future! Link to register:


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