STEM Robotics Program

Both via Zoom with delivered kit, And In-person with COVID-19 measures

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Monta Vista High School


This is an exclusive program with the kids of some of Silicon Valley's smartest parents enrolled. They know the secrets of how the world is changing, and that kids who delay learning modern robotics will ultimately get left behind. 

Some moments from our ongoing classes

Founder / Head Instructor Profile

  • ex-eBay Research Scientist

  • 2x Founder of Bay Area Startups

  • 20 granted patents


Solving a "Real" Towers Of Hanoi!

A fresh take on this classic computer science problem

Zoom Session with Palo Alto High School!


The engineering class at Palo Alto High School attending our program!

Curriculum Overview

In the first three months the student will:

  • Absorb the basics of electricity, electronics and motors

  • Learn Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Python and basics of C++ programming.

  • During this time he or she will individually first build a robot arm

  • Learn the basics of 3D Design and 3D printing

  • And then a smart vehicle physically capable of basic autonomous navigation


During the next three months we will focus on solving the real world problems of:

  • Autonomous robotic pickup

  • Autonomous robotic delivery

  • Autonomous Navigation

  • Become skilled at CAD engineering 3D Design

  • Using sensors and advanced software skills

  • Learn how to use deep learning libraries and 

  • Learn how to use computer vision toolkits for solving the autonomous challenge problems


This will then culminate in a certification for everything learned and built, and a (optional) competition [Autonomous Racing Tournament 2021for the fastest vehicles to successfully complete a series of autonomous challenges (while strongly encouraged, the competition will not be mandatory for every student) 

Programming and Playing Tic Tac Toe Against the Robot arm After Building It!


What other benefits do we get?

  • Guest lectures from inspiring silicon valley AI and Robotics rock stars (as COVID-19 permits)

  • Unfettered access to all equipment (including 3D printers) and tools including on weekends!

  • My hope is that over time many of these extra smart kids from different backgrounds will become friends while challenging each other, and perhaps start companies together when they are older.

  • Over the course of the program, each student will receive more than a hundred components and electronics equipment, all free of charge and included in the program cost!

Hardware Kit Contents

Here is an (incomplete)  list of all the equipment and components each student will get over the course of program:

  • Arduino Uno

  • Raspberry Pi Model 3B+

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W

  • Raspberry Pi Camera

  • Extra Long Raspberry Pi Camera Ribbon Cable

  • Soldering Iron and supplies

  • 4x Smart Car Drive Motors

  • 2x Smart Car Motor Drivers

  • 32GB Micro SD Card

  • LCD Display Module

  • Digital Multimeter

  • Wire Cutter

  • 5V, 3.3V Power Supply Module

  • 3x High Power Servo Motor

  • 3x Mini Servo Motor

  • Ultrasonic Sensor

  • IR Receiver Module

  • IR Handheld Remote

  • Joystick

  • 5V Relay

  • Stepper Motor Driver

  • Stepper Motor

  • Potentiometer

  • Large Breadboard

  • Medium Breadboard

  • Small Breadboard

  • Full range of resistors
  • Capacitors

  • Large range of LEDS in different colors and multi-color LEDs

  • Diode

  • Thermistor

  • Transistor

  • Humidity Sensor

  • Tilt Ball Switch

  • L293D Motor Driver Chip

  • Arduino Expansion Shield

  • Step-Down Voltage Converter

  • 4x AA Battery Pack and Holder
  • 8x AA Battery Pack and Holder

  • 9v Battery Pack

  • Raspberry Pi Power Supply

  • 5x Power Switch buttons

  • Specially sourced screwdriver

  • 4x Smart Car Wheels

  • Over 25 construction parts for Robot Arm and Smart Car

  • 4 Digit 7-Segment LED Display

  • 100 Breadboard Jumper Wires

  • Photo Resistor

  • Speaker Buzzer

  • Micro USB to USB Female Cable

  • USB to USB-A (square) Cable

Do we have to commit to the full 6 months?

No! While it is unlikely to happen, but still, whatever the reason, you can always pull out early. Any remaining pro-rated amount will be refunded after deducting the cost of the kit and days attended. In any case, payment is monthly, so you can always choose to discontinue at the end of a month.

What if a student is stuck on a task and is falling behind?

We will not let this happen. One hour of every day will be reserved for 1 on 1 with students who are facing any problems understanding a step, or technical issues, or equipment malfunctions and so on. Any student can call in via zoom or be present during this time, or additionally before or after the class to have their issues looked at.

What if my kid is too smart for the rest of the class and gets bored?

"Bored" is a state not allowed in our classes. Whenever a student is visibly finishing tasks early they will immediately get additional challenging tasks to complete while the rest of the students are working on the previous task.

What equipment do we need?

  • A Mac, Windows, or Linux laptop with administrative rights to install Arduino, Python and other programming tools. If you have a newer Mac or Windows laptop with only USB-C ports, you will need a USB-C to female USB adapter to be able to connect the Arduino to your computer.

Equipment for attending from home?

Besides a computer:

  • Internet Access to download required tools and utilities

  • Ability to use zoom

  • Thats it, everything else will be provided in the mailed kit, including a special webcam so the instructor can view your build in real-time!

Is there any discount for siblings?

Yes! Use code MULTIPLE2 when checking out.

Is there any discount if I register for multiple classes or sessions?

Yes! Use code MULTIPLE2 when checking out.