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Evodyne Summer Robotics Program - Week 2 Recap (Jun 21 - 25)

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Evodyne Summer Robotics Program - Week 2 Recap (Jun 21 - 25)

Week 2 of our Summer Robotics Program has come to an end! Although those enrolled in Elite Track building their robot arm will be going on for another week, we are saddened to mention that this week was the last for those enrolled in the Genesis Track building their robot dogs. All of the students did an amazing job at teaching their robots on how to do activities on their own. These are some of the highlights each track got done:

Building upon the basic robotic arm that the Elite Track Part 1 got done, the students got the opportunity to modify their arm by adding several elements including a Raspberry-Pi and Camera, making it fully AI-enabled, and Wi-Fi connected. With this addition, they got the opportunity to learn how to program their robot so that it can do activities on their own! They were able to practice with box stacking, placing towers of Hanoi, face detection using the Raspberry Pi camera, type on a keyboard and even play some songs on the piano! We are so proud of these students for finishing every activity!

Those enrolled in Genesis Track also did not have it easy! Each student was challenged in many ways, they had to test their building skills to connect the large number of wiring and motors in the robot. This week they had to attach the head of the robot, as well as adding the sensor and a Raspberry Pi camera. They also had to improve on their existing programming skills as they had to make the robot dog walk, sit, stand, and so on! In addition, all of these robots are now wireless using the Wi-fi capability of the Raspberry Pi. Seeing many robot dogs walking around the premises was very exciting!

We are very proud of all the students. For the students that are continuing on in our program next week, look forward to making the robot arm a full AI-enabled smart robot vehicle!

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