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Week 2 of Evodyne Robotics Summer Program 2023

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

The second week of our Summer 2023 Robotics Program concluded with our talented students showcasing their intelligence and innovation, along with an abundance of fun. As part of the Elite group, these students dived into the world of modern robotics, gaining valuable hands-on experience. They enthusiastically constructed their very own AI-enabled robotic arm, utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and a sophisticated camera-enabled mobile robot. This immersive experience enabled them to delve into programming, electronics, computer vision, and a multitude of other fascinating subjects.

Meanwhile, the Genesis group of students had the task of building their own AI-enabled Quadruped Robot Dog, further augmenting their knowledge in their pursuit of Evodyne's Robotics Predegree certification. Throughout the process, they delved into advanced robotics concepts, including AI and computer vision. Additionally, they mastered vital programming skills such as ROS (Robot Operating System), Advanced Python, and C++.

Both groups of students exhibited remarkable enthusiasm, actively engaging with the intricacies of robotics. Their achievements during the program highlight their growing expertise and passion for the field. We are proud to have provided them with an environment that nurtured their talents and instilled them with invaluable knowledge and skills.

Stay tuned for more updates on the outstanding accomplishments of our students as they continue to explore the fascinating world of robotics!

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