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How World Events Impact Your Summer Robotics Program

If you are interested in a high-quality robotics experience for your student this summer, you may not have realized how world events are impacting your potential choices. Read on.

First, the supply chain shortage. Between 2020 and now, the cost of a Raspberry Pi first went up several times. And now, several models are simply not available any more. Arduino is still available, however the cost again has gone up several times. To that, add shipping delays and blockages. Items which were practically guaranteed to arrive within 10 days from overseas, are now routinely taking 30 days or more.

Next, the events unfolding in Ukraine. It may not look like it, but one by one nearly every aspect of our life in the US is going to be impacted. You can already feel the pinch of gas prices. Soon, all transportation and shipping services will raise prices significantly. This will create another huge shockwave across the global supply chain framework as shipping operators will rush to re-negotiate contracts. Air freight will not remain viable for several types of products. Lower priority routes will get dropped.

What all of this means is this. To guarantee a seat for your student in a robotics summer program for a reasonable and expected cost, book now. By the time it is April, May, your summer robotics provider may not be able to accept your student, even if there is space available. Just like everything else in the market, our prices will continuously rise every month to offset the increased cost of all inputs. So, if you are thinking of registering at Evodyne but have questions, please call, email or visit us now, or book a one:one consultation with the head instructor to help you decide.

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