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5 Reasons Why You Should Build an AI-Enabled Robot Arm

Have you ever thought of building an intelligent robot and competing with it? It may sound impractical for most people who do not have an engineering background. However, with EvoArm, everyone can build an AI-enabled robot right at home!

1. Become a robotics programmer in an interesting way:

EvoArm is designed to give you the best deep dive into robotics from low-level electronics to high-level programming. The arm can be programmed completely by you using a phone using simple drag and drop, or with Python, C++, or any language that supports publishing ROS messages or making HTTP requests.

2. Learn about electronics and mechanical engineering:

The biggest delight when building EvoArm is getting a deep exposure to robotics, including working with both hardware and software. You will have a chance to work with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, sensors, motors, wires, and many other robotics elements.

3. Build your own app to unlock all features:

Building an app seems to be too complicated and almost impossible to ordinary people with all the design, coding, and programming requirements. However, with Evodyne's Robot-Arm, you will have a unique approach to building “real” physical apps to control your robot.

4. Play Tic-Tac-Toe with the robot

Beside face detection, object tracking and pick-up, you can also get your EvoArm to play Tic-Tac-Toe against you. Be careful, EvoArm is a Tic-Tac-Toe expert!

5. Talk to and get unlimited live support with an expert:

Afraid that you might get stuck while building? You can schedule a live session with the Evodyne Support Team through Zoom or just give us a phone call!


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