Already have the arm and looking for the next (more advanced) build? See Build A ROS Enabled Mobile Manipulator Robot

Build A Robot-Arm Workshop

With strict COVID-19 safety measures

Once built, take the robot and all of the extra components home to continue learning and play. We have designed the workshop to be accessible, fun, and satisfying for those who have no engineering background. But be prepared that once you have done this session, all those cool robots on TV and in the movies will not seem like a mystery anymore!

  • Attend in-person at 881 Castro St, Mountain View, CA, families welcome!

  • Custom designed robotic-arm educational kit containing and Arduino and pre-configured Raspberry-Pi and many additional learning components

  • End up with a great looking robot arm you can continue to learn with!


In this workshop you will build a robotic arm completely from scratch and then program it using an Arduino and Raspberry-Pi. The session will alternate between learning  and building, so that by the end you will have learnt many basic concepts. Through this process, this class will also give you a great understanding of modern robotics.

By the end of this session, you will:

  • Have a basic understanding of programming an Arduino and connecting various sensors and motors together

  • An overview of Raspberry-Pi

  • An intuitive understanding of electricity and current

  • Knowledge of basic electronics components like breadboards, resistors, LEDs, servo motors

  • Get an introduction to 3D Printing and 3D Design

You will receive a box of supplies upon arrival, containing more than fifty components, which will be used for learning and for building the robot arm.  Once built, the entire set is yours to take home!