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Summer Program Prices Go Up On June 9

 Build Real AI-Enabled Robots

Our robots can be found in

This is an exclusive program with the teens of some of Silicon Valley's smartest parents enrolled. They know the secrets of how the world is changing and that teens who delay learning modern robotics will ultimately get left behind.

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Why Join Evodyne's Advanced Robotics Program?
  • We give students an immersive experience in making intelligent robots

  • We design our curriculum and robots in tandem for educational purposes

  • Learn advanced robotics concepts by building and programming real AI-enabled robots

  • Get live US based support

  • ​Flexible program timings

 Programs and Camps

What Parents Are Saying

Advanced Robotics Camps 2023
 We offer learning camps where students will get introduced to many advanced concepts of robotics and start building a robot arm with Arduino from scratch!