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Evodyne Academy is associated with Evodyne Robotics, a startup building personal and educational robots in Silicon Valley. 


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Barbara W.

He really loved the class last week and was so excited to show me what he learned.  He kept trying to demo the robot arm for me while I was driving home...  It was good to see him get more into the programming, that's been an area he's not that comfortable with, so he seems to have picked up quite a bit.  I think he would really like the 3D printing one as well.

Thanks again and stay safe!


Meredith W.

He was excited about the Robotics class he took with you a few weeks ago, and he wants to sign up for the Advanced Robotics if you still have a space for him. Please let me know what I need to do to register him!


Anu K.

She really enjoyed the way you taught the class and had fun building and programming the robotic arm. She is looking forward to the next class.


Archana U.

He is really enjoying exploring the robotic arm and everything he learned in your class. He enjoys working on it everyday on his own, trying new ideas and really persisting till it works!

Thanks so much again!


Our Philosophy

Historically, robotics has always been taught via software "simulations" of robots. Having practiced real robotics, we know this simply doesn't work. A solution that works perfectly on a "simulated robot" will fail miserably when connected to a real robot.  To solve this problem, a highly engineered and specially designed robotics kit (manufactured in California) containing a full robot arm and many other components is provided to every student at the beginning of every course.

Our Programs
STEM Robotics Program

Our kids are constantly on their phones or laptops, but ask any 14 year old, "Do you know what is an ip-address?", or "Do you know the difference between your home wifi and phone's data plan?",  most likely you will get a blank stare. At Evodyne we think there is a significant lack of cohesiveness and leadership in our local schools regarding computer science awareness and curriculum. Even students attending their school FRC Robotics clubs are taught more about the mechanical, teamwork and competitive aspects of building robots, with minimal focus on software and programming skills.

We aim to tackle this shortcoming with our STEM Internship Readiness Program. 

Are you a school administrator or teacher  looking for hands-on robotics classes with distance learning? Contact Us!

Build A Robot Workshop

Have you always had that visceral fascination with robots and a secret yearning to learn how they work, even though your current training and occupation are different? Then this course is for you! 

Build At Your Own Pace With A Kit

Build and then use to try out all your robot dreams using the included Computer Vision Kit. Face detection and face following, object detection, deep learning, game playing, kinematics, motion control, sensors.


COVID-19 Safety Protocol

for in-person classes

Our business was founded during the times of COVID, and the entire class setup is designed to ensure a maximally safe environment. 

  • No more than 8 students per session, with more than 8 ft distancing between individual desks.

  • Each session is designed for individual learning and not group activity. 

  • A mask is mandatory at all times with nose and mouth securely covered

  • Gloves, hand sanitizer, lysol wipes are be provided on every desk

  • Desks and chairs are be completely wiped down between sessions

  • The same desk will be reassigned to the same student on consecutive days

  • Extra cross-ventilation forced air through back to front of building to ensure constant fresh air


About Us

Evodyne Robotics Academy is associated with Evodyne Robotics, a startup building personal and educational robots in silicon valley. Our goal is to improve the awareness of robotics as a future career path for parents and students. The curriculum has been designed by our CEO, and the classes are taught by robotics experts with years of industry expertise in designing and building robots from scratch.

Instead of buying off-the-shelf "robotic kits" and quickly assembling for short term play, our approach is to start by teaching the lower level concepts that are necessary to understand why specific design decisions were taken the way they were. And to give students a rounded introduction to everything that goes into making intelligent robots, including programming, 3D design, 3D printing, electronics, computer vision, deep learning and so on.


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