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Graduation 2024 

It is hard to believe that graduation day is almost here! We are so proud of our students graduating Evodyne's Advanced Robotics Program.  We will celebrate their achievement with a Graduation Ceremony on May 18. Students will receive their graduation certificates. Please RSVP to let us know how many family members will accompany the student.

Evodyne's Certificate .jpg


We would like to be able to show a short video about your student while they are receiving their graduation certificate to highlight all the effort they have put in over the last year.

See below for video instructions.

The easiest way is to record your student while asking them some or all of these questions:

  1. What is your name?

  2. Why are you interested in robotics? 

  3. What did you enjoy the most about this robotics program?

  4. Show something fun your robot can do.

The deadline for sending Video is May 11

Upload Your Video 


Send by email

Thank You!

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