Robotics Class


Spring Break Program  2021

Learn robotics while building an advanced robotic arm with Arduino and Raspberry-Pi, and take it home!

April 5 - 9 and

April 12 - 16

Our advanced robotics program will be a 5-day spring break course where each student will build their own Robot Arm completely from scratch, while learning the programming, electronics, and mechanical engineering aspects of robotics. This program will be conducted during the weeks of April 5 - 9 and April 12 - 16. The duration of these classes will be for 2 hours long, everyday for the week of your preference.

You will have the option to choose the best learning environment for your child as we are offering this course both in-person and over zoom. Spaces are limited

as we are maintaining a low number of students to ensure

that each one of them has the instructors full attention, and for social distancing for in-person attendees.

Kit Contents

Each student will receive a kit of supplies that contains more than fifty components. All will be used for learning and for building the Robot Arm.  Once built, the set is yours to take home!


  • Arduino Uno

  • Raspberry Pi Zero W (wifi and bluetooth capability)

  • 32GB Micro SD Card (Raspberry pi preconfigured)

  • 3x High Power Servo Motor

  • 3x Mini Servo Motor

  • Small Breadboard

  • Resistors

  • 4x AA Battery Pack and Holder

  • Raspberry Pi Power Supply

  • Specially sourced screwdriver

  • Over 20 construction parts for Robot Arm

  • Raspberry Pi Camera

  • Camera Mounting Bracket and Hardware

  • Cables and Wiring

  • Towers Of Hanoi Kit

  • Whiteboard Drawing Kit

  • Warehouse Box Stacking Kit




By the end of this session, our goal is that each student gains an extensive understanding of programming an Arduino and overview of Raspberry-Pi. Connecting various sensors, motors together and have an  intuitive understanding of electricity and current. They will also receive an introduction to the world of 3D printing and 3D Design. 

Evoarm in Action!