Robotics Program For Engineers

  • Attend classes from anywhere, or in-person at Mountain View, CA

  • Custom designed robotics educational kit containing an EvoArm will be pre-delivered

  • End up with a great looking mobile robot with robot arm  you can show off!

  • Comes with ROS pre-configured and pre-installed!

  • Step-by-step individual learning of all concepts

  • Use as a platform for continued robotics learning and testing out ideas

Are you a computer science, electrical, mechanical or related engineer by training and want to "get into robotics" but don't know where to start? Then this course is for you! You will learn all about the Arduino and Raspberry Pi, and the Robot Operating System (ROS)  which is used in pretty much all modern robots. Using your learned knowledge you will build a ROS enabled mobile manipulator robot from scratch, learn and program computer vision algorithms including object detection and face recognition, and go through all the steps to make an AI enabled smart robot platform for your home. The platform is completely hackable, extensible, flexible, programmable, and will let you test out any ideas you might have with full US based local support.

Build A ROS Enabled Mobile Manipulator Robot - Part 2

Build A ROS Enabled Mobile Manipulator Robot - Part 2