Introduction To Robotics For Adults

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In-person with COVID-19 measures, or via Zoom with Delivered Kit

We have designed the session to be accessible, fun, and satisfying for those who have no engineering background. But be prepared that once you have done this course, all those cool robots on TV and in the movies will not seem like a mystery anymore!

Founder / Head Instructor Profile

  • ex-eBay Research Scientist

  • 2x Founder of Bay Area Startups

  • 20 granted patents

Message From Founder / Head Instructor

  • Attend from anywhere, or in-person at Mountain View, CA

  • Weekday and Weekend Options!

  • Custom designed robotics educational kit containing an EvoArm and more than 50 electronics components will be pre-delivered

  • Step-by-step individual learning of all concepts

  • End up with a great looking robot arm you can show off to friends!


Build a robotic arm completely from scratch with Arduino!  Through this process, this class will give you an end-to-end understanding of modern robotics.

By the end of this session, each attendee will:

  • Have a thorough understanding of programming an Arduino and connecting various sensors and motors together

  • An intuitive understanding of electricity and current

  • Knowledge of basic electrical components like resistors, capacitors, potentiometers, LEDs, how to use a multi-meter, servo motors and PWM signaling

  • Get an introduction to 3D Printing and 3D Design


Each attendee will receive a box of supplies upon arrival (or via mail for distance learning), containing more than fifty components, which will be used for learning and for building the robot arm. 

Distance Learning via Zoom

Kits are mailed to attendees several days in advance. Each mailed kit also contains a special webcam that allows the instructor to see a close-up view of your build in real-time and render assistance and supervision identically to in-person students. Call 650-318-1534 (Pacific time) or email if you have any questions.

Social Distancing Policy For In-Person classes

We take the utmost care to ensure a maximally safe setup. ​The sessions are designed for individual learning and not group activity. 


  • A mask is mandatory at all times with nose and mouth securely covered

  • No more than 8 students per session, with 8ft distancing between every individual desk

  • Gloves, hand sanitizer, lysol wipes will be provided on every desk

  • Desks and chairs will be completely wiped down between sessions

  • The same desk will be reassigned to the same child on consecutive days

  • Extra cross-ventilation forced air through back to front of building to ensure constant fresh air


If you have any questions or concerns before signing-up, don't hesitate to talk to us! Phone: 650-318-1534 (Pacific time) , Email:



Previous programming experience is *not* required.


What To Bring

Each attendee must have his/her own Mac, Windows or Linux laptop with sufficient free disk space, and administrative rights to install Arduino IDE, Python and other necessary utilities. If you have a newer Mac or Windows laptop with only USB-C ports, you must remember to bring a USB-C to USB-female adapter so you can connect the Arduino to your laptop.

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