Build A Competition Ready Autonomous Mobile Robot


Convert your previously built mobile robot into a true smart autonomous self-driving vehicle, and learn how to program it to race around a track all by itself without any remote control!



You must have a previously built Mobile Manipulator Robot from Evodyne Robotics.


During this session each student will learn how to:


- Program their robot to autonomously navigate and pick up a randomly placed payload from a general designated area

- Then race around a previously unknown obstacle course without hitting the sides of the track

- While navigating turns  and avoiding "pedestrians" 

- Then deliver the payload to an unloading area


Students completing this session are automatically entered into   Evodyne's Autonomous Racing Tournament 2021, held on the weekend of Aug 7 and 8.


Social Distancing Policy

We are taking the utmost care to ensure a maximally safe setup. ​The session is designed for individual learning and not group activity. 


  • A mask is mandatory at all times with nose and mouth securely covered
  • 6ft distancing between every individual desk
  • Gloves, hand sanitizer, lysol wipes will be provided
  • Desks and chairs will be completely wiped down between sessions
  • The same desk will be reassigned to the same child on consecutive days
  • Always open front and back doors, with extra cross-ventilation forced air through back to front of building to ensure constant fresh air.


What To Bring

  • Each student must bring his/her own Mac Or Windows laptop with sufficient free disk space, and administrative rights to install the Arduino IDE and other necessary utilities.
  • Chromebook will not work
  • A USB-C to USB adapter if your laptop contains only the new USB-C ports

Build A Competition Ready Autonomous Mobile Robot


    100% will be refunded up to 14 days before session starts, no questions asked. 

    In the unlikely event of a new COVID-19 lockdown for Mountain View being active within 14 days before the session starts, you will be able to change from in-person to zoom attendance. If that is not preferable, 100% will be refunded.


881 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041

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