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Evodyne's Advanced Robotics Camp - Build an AI-Enabled Robot in 4 Days!

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Planning for fun but educational activities during breaks? How about learning robotics and start building a robot arm? We offer a 4-day learning camp where students will get introduced to many advanced concepts of robotics and start building a robot arm with Arduino from scratch!

Why join our robotics camp?

Build a robot from scratch

Our Advanced Robotics Camp is a 4-day program where each student will build a robotic arm. During the camp, students would get exposed to multiple in-depth robotics concepts and start building their first AI-enabled robot.

Learn Arduino and program the Robot Arm

Our curriculum is designed to give students a thorough understanding of programming an Arduino, working with sensors and motors. Also, by the end of the camp, students would have knowledge of electrical components, an intuitive understanding of electricity, and get exposure to 3D Printing, and 3D Design.

Reduce the screen hours during break

Students use most of their time playing video games and watching movies during breaks. Make their break a valuable experience by learning a new essential skill-building smart robots.

Flexible start dates

We offer several options for our Advanced Robotics Camp to meet the high demands of our customers: Winter Break Advanced Robotics Camp (starts December 20th), Mid-Year Break Advanced Robotics Camp (starts February 20th), or Spring Break Advanced Robotics Camp (starts April 18th)!

The Winter Break Advanced Robotics program starts on December 20, register at:


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