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Why Evodyne Robotics?
  • We design our curriculum and robots in tandem for educational purposes.

  • Learn advanced robotics concepts by building and programming real AI-enabled robots

  • Get live US based support

  • ​Flexible program timings

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 Programs and Camps

Build a custom-designed high-quality smart AI-enabled robot from scratch, learn to program it using advanced robotics elements including Arduino Uno/Arduino Nano, Raspberry Pi, ROS, motors, sensors and more. Take the robot home with you once built!

Location: downtown Mountain View, California

Summer Robotics

Advanced After School

Thanksgiving Robotics
Program Nov 22-24


Spring Break 
Robotics Apr 18-21


Mid-Year Break
Feb 20-23

Winter Break
Dec 20-23

Advanced Robotics Program 2021-2022
This is an exclusive program with the kids of some of Silicon Valley's smartest parents enrolled. They know the secrets of how the world is changing, and that kids who delay learning modern robotics will ultimately get left behind.
Summer Robotics Program 2022
Last year we gave each student a fantastic, yet safe in-person experience. This year, our goal is to provide an unforgettable summer filled with excitement  and improvement.  Become part of Evodyne's Robotic Summer Program and dive into the world of robotics today!
Learn Robotics with our programs or just Buy Robot Kits

Evodyne Robotics Academy offers an Advanced Robotics Program specially designed for high school and middle school students. Our curriculum and robot kits are designed for both in-person and online learning. 

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