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Genesis Advanced Robotics Lab

Jun 27-July 1, July 25 - 29, 2023

An immersive robotics session for older high-school students. Become an expert in AI and Robotics.

Real AI, Real Robots


3D Computer Vision, ROS, AI and Deep Learning as applied to Robotics, High Power Mechatronics, for making practical and useful robots. This program is designed to give students expertise in the absolute latest technologies being used and researched in the industry today.

Robotics Careers


Industrial Robotics, Consumer Robotics, Agricultural Robotics, Warehouse Automation, Retail Robotics, Surgical Robotics... the list grows bigger! Students will learn the background and differences in all of these fields both from technical and market standpoints.

College Prep

Robotics Class

Each student will use their learning to implement a practical application of robotics, giving them valuable real-world experiences as they explore and apply for college admissions.

Program Sessions

Part 1

AI and Deep Learning for Robotics

In this session each student will gain expertise in AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning topics as applied to robotics.


3D Computer Vision and Perception for Robotics

Part 2

In this session each student will become an expert in Computer Vision and 3D Perception topics.

High Power Mechatronics

for Robotics

Part 3

In this session each student will learn how to master control of the various types of high power robot actuator joints used for creating life-size robots with practical applications 


Program Schedule

Group 1

Group 2

Advanced Robotics Lab
AI and Deep Learning, 3D Computer Vision, High Power Mechatronics


Jun 27 - Jul 1


2:30 PM - 5:30 PM


Jul 25 - 29


10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Summer Robotics Program


Build AI Enabled Robots while Learning Modern Robotics Concepts

Last year we gave each student a fantastic, yet safe in-person experience. This year, our goal is to provide an unforgettable summer filled with excitement  and improvement. We design and manufacture all our robots right here in Mountain View. Some of the nation's highest ranked schools including Palo Alto High School and Monta Vista High School in Cupertino, along with schools in Sacramento County and North Carolina are using our robots and curriculum.

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